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About Risingreens

At Risingreens, we recognize the importance and hard-work of agriculture communities. Where farming used to be a risky industry filled guesses and luck, we strongly believe that the future of agriculture comes with the presence of technology.

Our mission is to develop technologies that help farmers make the progression forward into a calculated and data driven business. We celebrate the drive and bravery of those who seek improvements. Every change starts with a small step and every farm is capable of making that evolution. We strive to help every farmer take that step into modern farming with progressive, affordable and simple-to-use technologies.

With these advancements, we seek to bring positive impact to the world through increases in quantity and quality of crop production that is vital for world survival.The evolution of agriculture requires a collective effort, we are here to make a contribution towards that change.


  • Task Assignment : Easily track all activities conducted on a crop including the brand and amount of consumables applied.
  • Crop Trace-ability : Directly assign and communicate tasks to one or multiple colleagues via the system and track completion.
  • Field Reports : Immediate reporting of incident details through the platform and seek feedback action from colleagues.

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