About MapVisuals

MapVisuals is a visual analytics platform for multimodal geospatial temporal data – with dynamic real-time parameterization, charting, visual tools for analysing large spatial data sets.

As a comprehensive visual analytics platform powered by the processing and visual capabilities of desktop-grade 3D graphics hardware – MapVisuals can be extended to any datasets with spatial (location), temporal (time), dependency (graph network) relations, for data aggregation, hotspot identification, optimization, planning tools including wifi analytics, logistics, object and traffic flow scenarios.


  • Discover movement insights with temporal playback
  • Multi-resolution clustering views
  • Data overlays

Use Cases and Scenarios

  • Data Analysts & Planners (Traffic Flow, Urban Planning)
  • Wifi Analytics (Shopping, Retail, Footfall Metrics & Flow Trends)
  • Logistics Planning (Tracking, Operations/Route Review)
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis, Review

Find out more about MapVisuals (A4) and contact us for further information.

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