Food Nutrition Tracker & Planner
About FoodLg

Food(lg) is a food journaling, nutrition tracking and analysis app on your diet, by simply taking pictures of what you have eaten. Powered by a deep-learning framework that learns the food type from image ‘pixels’, and based on standard nutritional guidelines and food composition data from the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Food(lg) calculates your daily nutrient estimates with the journaled entries for achieving a well-balanced diet.

A social hall-space lets you share your luscious photo entries, fabulous food reviews, favourite dining places with the community, complementary to the logging experience.

Join food(lg) to start on your food log journey today!


  • Dish Recognition: Designed to learn from images, enabling us to intelligently identify the dishes in your photos
  • Calories Estimation: Based on the serving size, we calculate and estimate the intake energy of your photo-captured dishes to help justify your diet plan.
  • Food Journaling: A visual diary of your weekly and daily diet, for reviewing your next goals.
  • Nutrition Analysis: Get access to nutrition food facts for planning what to eat.

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